Episode 198 – BigFit

That’s me and uh your boyfriend when uh… This week Johnny and Tyler are covering eight more true scary experiences sent in by Spooky Bitches just like you. Plus: decorating with opinionated ghosts, gnome wars, and will somebody please think of the gallery hanging standards!

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1. The spooky jukebox (c/o Amanda)
2. The haunted theatre (c/o Amanda)
3. Ozzy and Willow (c/o Samuel)
4. The model of Jewelli’s car in the story
5. Finnegan McFatStick, Loki, and Asha (c/o Jewelli)
6. Rainy on his 10th birthday (c/o Fern)
7. Beeker (c/o Julia)
8. Ramona the goat (c/o Julia)
9. Jay (c/o Syd)

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