Episode 192 – I Am Science

Concuss me with a seashell already! This week Tyler and Johnny are covering more true scary experiences sent in by Spooky Bitches just like you. Plus: don’t take nutrition tips from Heidi Montag, Tyler’s version of Sophie’s Choice, and a woman meets her neighbours by sleeping with their dog (it’s not what you think

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1. Annie’s cat
2. Thrift store dog artwork (c/o Ari)
3. Thrift store baby artwork (c/o Ari)
4. Charlie (c/o Jen)
5. Stevie Nicks (c/o Elise)
6. Charlie (c/o Elise)
7. Roberta Anastasia Domingues Beverly Hills (c/o Michael)
8. Michael with their brother’s new puppy
9. Candy (c/o Jay)

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