Episode 16 – Here’s The Ti

Clutch your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, because we’re getting basic! This week, Tyler and Johnny cover the spook house, Villa Montezuma, and the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult. Plus: cutie patootie selfie Devil statues, sparking joy, and the Gay Olympics.

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Photos in order after cover:
1. Young Jesse Shepard
2. Lawrence Tonner
3. Exterior of Villa Montezuma
4. Interior of Villa Montezuma during Shepard’s ownership
5. Stained glass detailing of Shepard
6. Marshall Applewhite (Do) and Bonnie Lu Nettles (Ti)
7. Heaven’s Gate logo from their official website
8. Do being a video vixen
9. ‘Heaven’s Gate Away Team’ patch that was on all of the victims

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