Episode 15 – Practice Kiss

This week, we’ve got rumours and drama! In this episode, Johnny and Tyler discuss Suzan and Michael Bear Carson, as well as the Hellfire Club. Plus: sick puppies, a YouTube star’s homophobic challenge, and a quick chat about RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4.

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Photos in order after cover:
1. Suzan Carson (back when she was ‘Susan’)
2. Michael Carson with his first wife, Lynn, and daughter, Jen
3. Photo of Keryn Barnes at her gravesite
4. The Carsons being unnervingly charismatic
5. The Carsons, stoked to be in court
6. Underground Hellfire Caves in England
7. The Hellfire Club in Dublin
8. Inside the Dublin Hellfire Club
9. Richard Parsons, founder of the Dublin Hellfire Club

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