Episode 17 – Ye Olde McMansion

Break out your favourite eatin’ dress! This week, Tyler and Johnny cover the little-known cult, the Ant Hill Kids, as well as the haunting of Summerwind Mansion. Plus: ghost divorce, troll hunting, and Club 96.

TRIGGER WARNING: Themes of domestic violence and torture discussed in first story between 15:09 and 55:49.

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Photos in order after cover:
1. Roch Thériault and his followers
2. The Ant Hill Kids selling goods on the highway
3. The kitchen table where Moses (Roch) performed his surgeries
4. Roch Thériault and Gabrielle Lavallée
5. Summerwind Mansion
6. Inside Summerwind & the upstairs hallway
7. Summerwind on fire in 1988
8. Summerwind ruins as they stand to this day

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