Episode 301 – Johnny’s Makeover

Go on girl, give us nothing! To continue our celebration of 300 episodes, the gals are re-doing two topics from the history of the podcast. This week, Johnny will be revisiting the case of serial killer, Bruce McArthur. Plus: a proposed new addition to the Major Arcana, the queens get their real estate licenses, and we determine whether or not quicksand would be a good exfoliant.

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1. Church-Wellesley Village, Toronto
2. Operation Soap raids
3. Dance floor at Zipperz
4. Skandaraj Navaratnam & Abdulbasir Faizi (top row), Majeed/Hamid Kayhan & Soroush Mahmudi (bottom row)
5. Dean Lisowick & Selim Esen (top row), Andrew Kinsman & Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam (bottom row)
6. Bruce McArthur
7. CCTV footage of McArthur’s vehicle
8. Mallory Crescent forensic scene
9. Investigating the ravine/dumping site behind the Mallory Crescent property

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