Spooky Gay Bullshit #50 – Metaphortex

Welcome to another episode of Spooky Gay Bullsh!t, our new weekly hangout where we break down all of the hot topics from the world of the weird, the scary, and issues that affect the LGBTQIA2+ community!
This week, we cover: Mariah Carey’s grunge journey, another guy’s journey as a fake autopsy practitioner, a brain-eating amoeba plucked directly from our collective nightmares, a new use for the blood of gay men (since the blood banks don’t want it), and Otterwatch hits the beach to catch some waves.

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1. Mariah Carey
2. Cover for Mariah’s grunge album
3. Shawn Parcells
4. A brain-eating amoeba
5. Gay Blood product line
6-7. The surfboard otter attack

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