Episode 174 – Suspicsquatch

We’re Toddfathers! This week Tyler and Johnny are coming at you with more true scary stories and experiences sent in by Spooky Bitches from all over. Plus: two minutes of Drag Race is officially back, a Canadian Bigfoot sighting has got us feeling rather tepid, and a little hedgehog-related update because that’s how pet parents do!

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1. The alleged Sasquatch in Alberta
2. Gina Marie and Oliver Biscuit (c/o Liz)
3. Grey Kitty (c/o Meghan)
4. Grigio (c/o Meghan)
5. Nest footage showing ghost from Meg
6. Elton John (c/o Meg)
7. The old lady as a young woman in Izzy’s home
8. Presley (c/o Izzy)
9. Luna (c/o Izzy)

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