Episode 175 – Wilderness Mogul

If your plants are getting limp, it’s not because they’re dying! This week Johnny and Tyler discuss the disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley, as well as the legend of the Steep Rock Lake encounter. Plus: the ‘U’ was definitely missing, a new shirt design has dropped (hint: it’s a long time coming), and a surgeon caught signing their work in the absolute worst way possible.

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1. The Bradley family on vacation in March 1998
2. Amy at the cruise’s black tie dinner
3. Amy seen dancing with Aleister on cruise video
4. 2005 photo of woman named Jas
5. Rendering of woman met by Judy Maurer in 2005
6. FBI age progression of Amy
7. Steep Rock Lake
8. Illustration of the Edwards’ encounter
9. Cover of Frank Edwards’ 1966 book

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