Episode 170 – Otterwatch

Not without my child! This week Tyler and Johnny share a roundup four of their favourite stories from Spooky Snacks: the crimes of Ahmad Suradji, the eerie history of Self Portrait as a Drowning Man, the Reddit Taco Party, and the legend of the Qalupalik. Plus: join us as we tell Victorian Christmas ghost stories on Zoom this weekend, the attack of the killer clowns, and they (otters) are coming to get you, Barbara.

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1. Ahmad Suradji
2. Searching Suradji’s scene
3. Outside Suradji’s house
4. Hippolyte Bayard
5. Self Portrait as a Drowned Man
6. X-ray of IncrediblyShinyShart’s foot
7. The prepared taco meat
8. Qalupalik
9. Qalupalik by Joy Ang

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