Episode 159 – The Fudgery

Does she want some fries? This week Tyler and Johnny discuss the death of Atsumi Yoshikubo as well as the legendary Three-Legged Lady of Nash Road. Plus: a fudge recipe that will live forever, a missing gravestone pops up in a Grandma’s kitchen, and just a gentle reminder that a certain evanescent pop-rocker has a children’s album!

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1. Kay Andrews’ Fudge Recipe slash headstone
2. Peter Weller’s recovered headstone slash fudge slab
3. Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories
4. The Northern Lights in Yellowknife
5. Atsumi Yoshikubo
6. Security footage of Atsumi in the gift shop
7. Nash Road (Aka Three-Legged Lady Road)
8. Interpretation of the Three-Legged Lady
9. Still from the short “Three Legged Lady” by Hollis Phillips (available via YouTube)

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