Episode 158 – Gout Flakes

That wig’s a morale killer! This week Johnny and Tyler discuss the disappearance of Merrian Carver as well as the case of Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers. Plus: the hairstyle you’re buried with may come back to haunt you, Spooky Season merch pre-orders are almost over, and we celebrate a horror icon joining us out of the closet!

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1. The grave with the hair coming out of it
2. Merrian Carver
3. Merrian and her father, Kendall
4. Merrian’s cabin door (from P.I. footage)
5. Merrian’s missing persons poster
6. Bronze statue commemorating Merrian
7. Composite sketch of Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers
8. The first crime scene
9. Statue of Diana the Huntress in Mexico City

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