Spooky Gay Bullshit #134 – Like Buttah

Welcome to another episode of Spooky Gay Bullsh!t, our new weekly hangout where we break down all of the hot topics from the world of the weird, the scary, and issues that affect the LGBTQIA2+ community!
This week, we cover: an update in the saga of the stolen cadaver parts from last year, a questionably rich guy buys the priciest Titanic swag out there, one woman’s short-lived fling with a traffic cone, what happens when the monster in your closet is a protected species, and a cat from Utah gets the ride of a lifetime.

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1. Candace Chapman Scott
2. Box of bones sold by Candace
3-4. The Titanic pocket watch
5. A traffic cone (not THE traffic cone)
6-7. The beehive
8. Galena
9. The Amazon box Galena was found in

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