Spooky Gay Bullshit #129 – Head Drama

Welcome to another episode of Spooky Gay Bullsh!t, our new weekly hangout where we break down all of the hot topics from the world of the weird, the scary, and issues that affect the LGBTQIA2+ community!
This week, we cover: a man with a rare disorder that causes him to see demonic faces, another suspicious amputation stunt, more bad press for the new Scream movie, Lego has a bone to pick with Californian law enforcement, and a wildlife reserve is left in stitches after a baby hedgehog gets left in their care.

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1. Computer generated images of the distorted faces
2. Chang’s legs in the dry ice bucket
3. Ghostface
4. Zak Moyer
5. Moyer being arrested
6-7. Lego head arrest photos
8. The rescued “baby hedgehog”

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