Episode 234 – RMS Oopsie Poopsie

They deserved me! This week Tyler and Johnny discuss Titanic conspiracy theories, as well as the death of Christine Chubbuck. Plus: celebrating 15 years of Drag Race, how our re-watch of Twin Peaks is going, and we share our thoughts about the regressive laws targeting drag performers/queer people in the USA.

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1. J. Dawson grave in Halifax, NS
2. Cover of Futility from 1898
3. Titanic’s alleged damage from a coal fire
4. The Unlucky Mummy
5. The RMS Titanic (left) and the RMS Olympic (right)
6. J.P. Morgan
7. Bacteria (rusticles) slowly eating the Titanic wreck
8. Christine Chubbuck
9. Hoax footage of Christine’s final newscast

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