Spooky Gay Bullshit #66 – Rio Tact

Welcome to another episode of Spooky Gay Bullsh!t, our new weekly hangout where we break down all of the hot topics from the world of the weird, the scary, and issues that affect the LGBTQIA2+ community!
This week, we cover: a funerary flash mob catches mourners by surprise, hipster drug smugglers are back to using carrier pigeons, a lost/found teddy bear with heart and a potential soul, one of the more heartwarming mannequin-adjacent stories we’ve ever covered, and a home for all dolls in Junee.

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Photos in order after cover:
1. Flash mob at the funeral
2. Sandie’s casket
3. Witch wreath
4. The trashed memorial bear
5. Tapas Sandilya with wax sculpture of dead wife
6. The sculpture sits on the couch
7. Silvia and her skeleton
8. Some of Silvia’s “haunted” dolls
9. Sheryl (that hair!)

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