Spooky Gay Bullshit #46 – Hippie Art

Welcome to another episode of Spooky Gay Bullsh!t, our new weekly hangout where we break down all of the hot topics from the world of the weird, the scary, and issues that affect the LGBTQIA2+ community!
This week, we cover: an update on the case of the Chowchilla School Bus Kidnapping, AI takes a (potentially biased) bite out of crime, a man’s dream about a goat that’s actually about his bird, great news for anyone who has ever told the pizza people to bury them in mushrooms, and Oscar the seal makes some new friends (plus one mortal enemy).

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(Swipe to see all photos)

1. Chowchilla Bus kidnappers (L-R: James Schoenfeld, Frederick Woods, and Richard Schoenfeld)
2. The buried van from the Chowchilla kidnapping
3. Frederick Woods (present-day)
4. The Living Cocoon
5. The Living Cocoon outdoors
6. Oscar the seal
7. Coco the cat
8. Oscar going home

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