Episode 191 – Baby God

But really look at it! This week Tyler and Johnny discuss the spirit drawings of Georgiana Houghton, as well as the legend of the Kushtaka. Plus: a huge blue (and kind of veiny) oopsie poopsie, a doozy on the horizon, and a Thai poop cult is in some deep… Well, you know.
(Skip ahead to 10:36 if you want to avoid the poop cult story)

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1. Georgiana Houghton
2. Georgiana’s spirit drawings
3. More of Georgiana’s spirit drawings
4. Automatic writing on the back of a spirit drawing
5. Georgiana posing with a children’s in one of Frederick Hudson’s spirit photographs
6. North American river/land otter
7. Kushtaka illustration
8. Kushtaka carving
9. Bay of Death (Thomas Bay), Alaska

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