BONUS: Swamp Witch Specialty

Surprise! As a summertime treat, we wanted to share one of our favourite episodes of our Patreon-exclusive mini episodes, “Spooky Snacks” with you all.

In this super-special, double-stuffed episode, Tyler and Johnny share the case of the Cokeville Elementary School Hostage Crisis (aka the Cokeville Miracle) and the legend of the Shirime. Plus, we do a quiz where we make a mysterious magic potion just to find out what it actually does… For the sake of science, of course!

This episode (Spooky Snacks #82) was recorded live on Zoom in front of an audience of Secret Society Spooky Bitches. Keep your eyes peeled for our next live Zoom episode on July 22, 2021.

Do today’s quiz along with us: “Brew Your Magic Potion and We’ll Reveal What It Does”

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1. David Young
2. Doris being removed from the scene
3. The angel
4. Newspaper clipping featuring survivors
5. Original Buson illustration of the Shirime
6. Depiction of a Shirime encounter

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