Episode 65 – Wailing Contortionist

Are you ready for a luxury experience? This week Johnny and Tyler discuss the possession of Martha Brossier and the Smalls Lighthouse Tragedy. Plus: dead motels, Family Feud, and a Ghost Studies course that has everyone talking!

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1. Painting of a renaissance exorcism (artist unknown)
2. Cover for the first published account of Martha’s story (modern cover)
3. Romorantin, France in present-day
4. King Henry IV of France
5. Depiction of the original Smalls Lighthouse
6. Map showing the location of the Smalls Lighthouse
7. A rendering and description of the Smalls Lighthouse
8. The original Smalls Lighthouse next to the one built in 1861
9. The 1861 Smalls Lighthouse, which still stands today

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