Episode 13 – Just Peachy

When a little ghost girl tells you something in a dream, do it! This week, Tyler and Johnny cover the infamous cases of the Butterbox Babies and Dear David. Plus: otherworldly sugar daddies, Murphy Brown’s ventriloquist dummy brother, and what scared one of the hosts enough to sleep with the lights on.

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Photos (in order after cover):
1. William and Lila Young
2. The Ideal Maternity Home in East Chester, Nova Scotia
3. Photo of babies and staff from an official brochure of the Ideal Maternity Home. (Bette Cahill)
4. Survivors of the Ideal Maternity Home
5. Dear David sketch post-first dream (Adam Ellis)
6. Dear David photo taken during dream
7. Dear David watching Adam sleep
8. Dear David comes closer
9. Dear David’s head up-close

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