Episode 8 – Let’s Have a Kiki

Lights, camera, action Girlicious! In this week’s episode, Tyler and Johnny cover ‘The Björk Stalker’ (Ricardo Lopez) and the Wyrick family haunting. Also, the gals talk about their affinity for Amy Allan and discuss a little, known serial killer that is currently on a rampage through the gardens of Vancouver, BC.

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Photos (in order after cover):
1. Ricardo Lopez, January 14th, 1996 (home video)
2. Ricardo’s homemade book bomb
3. Ricardo Lopez, September 12th, 1996 (from the ‘Final Day’ tape)
4. Björk during her statement to the press
5. The Wyrick family (early 90s)
6. Wyrick home (former) in Ellerslie, GA
7. James S. Gordy aka ‘Mr. Gordy’
8. Lon Batchelor aka ‘Con, the Bloody Man’
9. Dr. Roll reviewing photos w/Heidi (picture seemingly taken with a potato)

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